About Us

Pagdi Ki Shaan has been covering Politics, Sports, Entertainment, and Global news. It published its first edition in May 2018. Since then it has become a digital symbol that carries forward that legacy in a kooky new form. Being online enables us to be more up-to-date regarding what is happening in the world and helps us expedite it to you on a more personal level. Plus, our online presence is more snippety, more reader-friendly, and more in harmony with the mindset of the millennial.

Our goal is to build bridges with the ever-expanding global community that needs to get updated with the latest news. We ensure we serve informed content that engages as well as entertains the reader. Rajasthan is the “Cultural Capital of India”. The rich heritage of Rajasthan manifests itself in its unique art and culture. Pagdi Ki Shaan takes pride in encouraging arts and culture among the people. Our main objective is to enhance the property of togetherness among people of many cultures and traditions.

Pagdi ki Shaan, published by Magazine Publication under K-Series, is the biggest-read Hindi magazine in India with a huge number of readers. Our magazine, Pagdi ki Shaan is focused on articles on Bollywood, Politics, Sports, Fashion, and other global news. Pagdi ki Shaan has consistently had a strong blend of articles that touch upon the cultural issues that society faces. It is a standout among the most widely read magazines in Hindi. It seeks to be the first choice among all age groups.”

About K Series

K Series is a production house situated in Rajasthan, India. By mixing experimentalism and perfection, it strives to set high benchmarks for global cinema. They are among the leading distributors and aggregators of documentaries, videos, short movies, and independent films online. K Series offers a wide variety of video generation services, making them a one-stop shop for all the relevant solutions and services. They are experts in making youth-oriented to high-budget films, from working with popular celebrities in the Indian Film Industry to launching fresh talent.